Too often, we focus on filling our homes with on-trend, yet impersonal items, and we end up living in environments that feel like a showroom. 

We believe in style with a story and a soul — furniture with a patina, countertops that have been cooked on, and surfaces covered with textures, patterns, and artwork that tells a story. 

We create homes that feel good to live in, incorporating Feng Shui to keep the energy balanced and harmonious. 


At Ellis Kelly, we believe that homes should feel good, not just look good.

Come home to the essence of who you are, all within your space.

Home design that combines the energetic and the aesthetic to house the spirit and feed the soul.

If something in your home feels off, chances are, something in your life feels out of whack, too. At Ellis Kelly Interior Alchemy, we take transformation seriously — and we don’t just make over homes. 

Working with the principles of Feng Shui, we uncover our clients’ life purpose and core personality traits using ancient tools such as the 9 Star Ki (Haven’t heard of this? We’ll explain it all during our assessment.) 

Once we have a true sense of your energetic blueprint, we can alchemize the blueprint of your home. Through our work together, you’ll finally come home — home to a space where you feel balanced, aligned, and supported. The best part? We’ll guide you every step of the way.  

you change your life.

When you heal your home,

As house therapists and certified Feng Shui consultants, we work closely with our clients to tap into areas of the home (and areas of their lives) that need more balance and flow. Using principles from the ancient art and science of Feng Shui, we analyze spaces to develop customized solutions that don’t just elevate the look and feel of a room — they rejuvenate its very energy, and yours. 

When you work with Ellis Kelly, we’ll guide you through our customized process, which is designed to uplevel the energy in your home and your spirit while also creating a beautifully designed space. 

We can bring our alchemized design to any space on the planet. In Calgary, we have the ability to work with clients in person. We also work remotely with clients who are based in other parts of Canada and the United States.

As long as you have floor plans, a Wi-Fi connection, and an open-minded approach to energetic principles, we can work with you! We sisters will team up to guide you through every step of your project, opening up more beauty, flow, and functionality every step of the way. Our projects have spanned from redesigning an entire home to reworking a single room. 

Your home is telling a story, and you’re the main character. 

Imagine finding balance and joy in every nook of your home, and every area of your life…


For years, I have followed the basic principles of Feng Shui, the practice of arranging the pieces in our living spaces in order to create balance. After 13 physical moves, I simply became overwhelmed with my numerous pieces of artwork. I reached out online for help and intuitively found Kelly Ellis Interior Alchemy. Sisters Natalie and Ginny suggested several Feng Shui cures and "placed" 23 pieces of artwork on the perfect wall spaces. A long-distance client, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders, and appreciated their professional interior artistic e-design expertise. Next project . . . hang the pieces!

A long-distance client, I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders.


Natalie and her sister made a daunting task, effortless and actually exciting. I love every piece they have chosen for me! I will continue to work with them on continued improvements to my home.

I was thrilled by the service. They were creative, fun, and efficient to work with. 


The Feng Shui report was interesting and I now have a magazine-worthy kitchen with classic and timeless elements that make it a beautiful space.

The girls were lovely to work with and have great taste.

they feel like home.

Spaces impact us far beyond surface-level aesthetics, and we design homes that don’t just look the part — 

We approach home design as an energetic upgrade — not only for the space you inhabit, but for you. When your home flows, your energy flows. When your energy flows, you feel aligned and alive in every area of your life (and your home.) Our work together will begin with a deep analysis of your space. 

They call us house therapists for a reason: We listen to your home, intuit its story, and step in with floor plan layouts, materials, colours, shapes, and patterns to complete its narrative arc. 

Whether you’re well-versed in Feng Shui or are simply looking for a design service that will make your home feel as inviting as it looks, we can help you achieve your goals. 

Through our unique process, we’ll ensure that your home conveys your family’s story with texture, substance, and flow you can feel. We accomplish this through colour psychology, natural elements, luminous lighting, and thoughtful details that enhance the energetics of a space. We infuse House Therapy into every area we design, restoring harmony, order, and a feeling of ease and flow to the home. 

and House Therapy

Elemental Interior Design

The project will wrap up with a space clearing and a final design review. We will schedule the delivery and installation of all furniture and artwork. We can even help style the space and suggest accessories and final decor pieces to bring it all together.

Step 05

After the final design is approved, the ordering can begin! If you’re in the Calgary area, Ellis Kelly will track, arrange, and oversee all aspects of a delivery. If you're outside of the Calgary area, Ellis Kelly will track, arrange, and oversee all aspects of a delivery.

Step 04

Once the design concept has been approved, we’ll roll up our sleeves and get to work! We use our training in classical interior design, as well as the Bagua Map, the principles of Yin Yang, and the Five Elements to bring maximum flow and harmony into your home (Again, our process involves a thorough explanation of Feng Shui and its design principles. If you don’t know what a Bagua Map is now, you will by the time your work with us is done… and you’ll feel its effects!)

Step 03

After you’ve completed the questionnaire, we will meet with you in person (if you’re in the Calgary area) or virtually. After this meeting, we will complete your 9 Star Ki astrology report. This is when it gets really good — we’ll use your 9 Star Ki to determine which natural elements we’ll bring into your home to infuse more harmony into your space. (Don’t know what 9 Star Ki is? Don’t worry — we’ll explain it all!) 

Step 02

Our process begins with a questionnaire that will help us develop a deep understanding of your goals, dreams, and energetic needs.

Step 01

While we love HGTV makeover shows as much as the next person, we don’t work on TV-magic timelines. (Indeed, our magic lies in bringing beautiful energy into spaces large and small.) Each of our projects is fully customized, and therefore we don’t have a one-size-fits-all timeline. We’ll do whatever it takes to alchemize your home so that it supports you and your family in the best possible way — and so that your space makes an indelible impression on everyone who enters it. 

How long does the design process take?


Feng Shui is the practice of arranging the furniture, floor plan, lighting, materiality, patterns, colours, and decor in your home to create a balance between your personal energetic blueprint and the energy flowing through your home. Whether you know it or not, your home already contains Feng Shui — our job is to establish harmony between you and your environment to create a space that is so aligned with you that you can feel it when you step in the door.

What is Feng Shui? 


It’s very helpful to us when clients come to the consultation with a budget and a clear vision in mind (we love a Pinterest board — the more pins, the better, to help us understand your tastes and preferences.) Floor plans — or a willingness to have them drawn — are also a requirement for us to begin our work together. 

What do I need to get started? 


We gravitate towards elegant European-style design with a contemporary twist. We love whimsy, colour, texture, and the delicious feeling of a space being lived in — the more patina and pattern, the better. However, we design spaces for our clients, taking personal tastes and preferences into account with every decision we propose. 

What is your signature aesthetic?


Virginia, who has a BA in Interior Design from Mount Royal University, imagined the day she could start a design business that would merge European whimsy with Feng Shui. Naturally, Natalie left her 10+ year career in the corporate world to join forces with her sister to create Ellis Kelly Interior Alchemy in 2020. 

What training do Virginia and Natalie have? 


Ellis is the name of Virginia's first-born son and Kelly was the name of our father who passed away in 2014, a month before Ellis was born. Our father ran his own company and he played an integral role in inspiring us to become the entrepreneurs we are today.

Why is your company named Ellis Kelly?




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