The items in our shop are inspired by the pieces we use to bring harmony into our clients’ homes and help them connect to the essence of who they are. 

You’ll find tarot and oracle cards, krystaline sacred geometry energy rings, room gems and palm stones, diffusers, essential oils, diffuser blends, room sprays and custom statement headboards. Browse the gallery below, and see if anything calls out to you energetically — chances are, it was meant to be yours or can inspire the vision for your freshly alchemized home. 

Our shop holds items of energetic significance, designed to bring beauty, clarity, and a sense of energetic balance into your home.

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A Feng Shui shop filled with treasures that balance, energize, and delight. 

Alchemise your home, piece by piece.

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Tarot and Oracle cards serve as powerful amplifiers for meditation and manifestation practices. Simply focus your intent on a specific query or seek guidance in an area of your life and allow the cards to share their wisdom. Go ahead—select the deck that calls your name. It’s the one that’s meant for you.

Tarot & Oracle Cards

Tarot & Oracle Cards



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Cleanse your auric field, raise your vibes, use it to guide your manifestation practice, or as a soothing sleep aid… it’s up to you. These elegant tools are all about cleansing and clearing by balancing electric fields. Energy rings can be used for all sorts of rituals to bring clarity and ease into your home.

Krystaline Sacred Geometry Energy Rings

Krystaline Sacred Geometry Energy Rings

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While Room Gems are ideal for placing within your space, Palm Stones support you whether at home or on the go. By keeping one close, you set the right intentions for your well-being and health. Whether you crave passion, vitality, clarity, or peace, Palm Stones are the ultimate companion for your meditation practice and manifestation.

Palm Stones

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Room Gems are ideal for infusing your space with the energy you desire and bringing balance, clarity, ease, and flow into your home. From rose quartz to fluorite to labradorite, place your chosen gem within the recommended space in your home to support the energetics of your dwelling.

Room Gems


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Leave the artificial scents behind and welcome natural, fresh, soothing scents that support your overall health and wellness. From classic lavender to tangy bergamot, these curated scents allow you to create intentional pockets of space within your home for relaxation, focus, or restoration.

Essential Oils & Diffuser Blends

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A well-designed home conveys a feeling—a sense of peace, joy, and safety. A diffuser allows you to bring your favorite scents into that space and make each room in your home not simply a place to be but an experience to be treasured.



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Bring just the right scent into your space and breathe fresh life into linens. With all-natural air fresheners, you can safely bring scent into your home that both fits the vibe of your space and keeps odors away without feeling fake.

Room Sprays

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Discover the just-right blend for your space with Essential Oil Kits. Curated with specific themes or scent profiles in mind, these sets bring cohesive but unique scents into your home, which can be used separately or in combination.

Essential Oils Kits


Are you an interior designer seeking to incorporate the wisdom and teachings of Feng Shui into your work? In a two hour consultation, we’ll take a look at and provide suggestions for floor plans, elevation drawings, mood boards, furniture, fixtures, lighting, and materiality selections. Your clients will benefit from a space that balances the 5 elements. In addition to the feng shui consult, we’ll do a reading of your clients’ 9 Star Ki to ensure the space is supportive to their unique energetic signature.

2 Hour Feng Shui Consultation for Interior Designers

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Not ready to commit to a full-service interior design experience? We’re more than happy to help you take the first step to creating an aligned home by completing a customized 9 Star Ki reading. We’ll prepare a full report and send it over to you the day before your 1-hour call. During the call, we’ll talk through all aspects of your report and provide you with guidance and recommendations for refining the Feng Shui in your house.

9 Star Ki Readings



starting at $1,500.00


At Ellis Kelly we love to design and build custom headboards in any style, shape, size and with a vase array of upholstery fabrics and nail heads to choose from. In Feng Shui, a stable and firmly attached headboard is very significant. A solid headboard adds a sense of safety, almost like a mountain that protects and upholds you from behind. 

starting at $3500

Custom Statement Headboard

Custom Headboards

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